SPCH TONON ET FILS is a beninese limited company which social capital is FCFA 10,000,000. It’s formally booked in the commerce register under the number RCCM RB / ABC / 19B 2556. Headquartered in Ouedo, Abomey-Calavi, SPCH TONON& FILS’s main objectsare production and commercialization of halieutic products.


Aquaculture Production

SPCH TONON &FILS has proven expertise in large-scale aquaculture production. First production unit in Beninand inwest Africa,SPCH TONON & FILS has ahigh mastery of its production cycle, supported by a high technologies infrastructures. Two fully equipped sites, the first in Ouedo, the secondon Toho Lake in Pahou, are dedicated to the production of three species of merchant fishes and fry, namelytilapia, catfish and machoiron.



Eggs and larvae are put in treatment and follow-up phase, after natural reproduction of the parents.

Larval rearing

Larvae are fed for 45 days to reach an average size of one gram.


The larvae are put in specialized tanks and fed on food of 0.7mm, 1mm and 1.8mm and growup to become fry of 25 grams, salable to fish farmers.


The fry in their basins, fed on food of 2 mm, 3 mm and 4.5 to become juvenile fish of 500 grams.


The eggs, after artificial reproduction of the broodstock become larvae, fed for two weeks to reach a size of 0.04 g.


The larvae, after 3 weeks of 0.3mm, 05.5mm and 0.7mm feeding and follow-treatenent, reach 1 gram of weight.


Processed and fed at 0.7 mm, 1 mm and 1.8 mm feed for approximately three (03) weeks, the fry become 10-gram juvenile fish.


During the intensive cropping phase, the fry, fed for four monthson food of 2 mm, 3 mm and 4.5 mm, become fish weighing one kg.


SPCH TONON & FILS markets its products as well as various inputs. Three fish varieties, namely Clarias, Tilapia, and Machoiron, are produced locally and delivered in local and regional markets. Similarly, fingerlings, food and other inputs are part of the company’s range of products.

The two production sites, as well as the headquarters of the Peb factory in Cotonou, are, for the moment, the main points of sale. At the local level, pending the multiplication of delivery points, a network of wholesalers already provide Beninese territor till Nigeria. In the short term, other markets in the sub-region are in focus, including Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Togo, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, etc. Studies are under way, to re-evaluate prices, with a view to eventually fulfilling any order at the national, continental and international levels.